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  • Reduces OH&S risk for staff
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Helps maintain independence
  • Seat rotates AND slides forward
  • Unique “swiv-L-slide” mechanism
  • Australian made
  • Unique patented design

The Revolution Chair incorporates a unique, patented “swiv-L-slide” mechanism allowing easy user access to the chair, then gliding close to a table edge. The chair legs remain fixed and stable at all times.
The chair seat turns left or right to accommodate its user.
It then slowly turns to face the table and gradually slides forward until the user is a comfortable distance from the table edge.
When the user wishes to exit the chair, a tab on the side of the seat is lifted and the seat smoothly slides back from the table.
Then, the seat rotates away from the table and the user exits the chair.
No more “hipping” chairs up to the table. Reduces OH&S risk for staff. Patients and residents can seat themselves and don’t require assistance.
Supports independence and dignity.



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Revolution Chair
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Safe and easy to use
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